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Holding SANTECHKOMPLECT – the company focused on the Customer!

We follow the strategy of our customers’ demand and requirements satisfaction at maximum extend. There are components to complete engineering equipment for heating, water supply, drainage systems  and central and individual heating stations, ventilation and fire suppression and sanitary systems in the range of company. Owing to direct deliveries from over 400 Russian and foreign plant we guarantee the high quality, wide choice and attractive price.

SANTECHKOMPLEKT’S Goods wide range is a unique one! The most advantage of cooperation with us is opportunity to complete with equipment the units of any size and range. This is the core reason of our firm leading position in this market. We deliver our goods not only to all federal regions of Russia but also to Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Kirgizia. 

The Key items of SANTECHKOMPLECT market strategy.  



Communal service is the basis of urban economy and cornerstone of citizens’ social stability In conditions of stable budget gap in this area the main challenge is to find a reliable supplier able to provide stable quality, low price and flexible payment system. 

To customers-project owners we suggest special mutually benefit cooperation program in concern of equipment for engineering system deliveries with guarantee of quality at reasonable price.

For a long period in the list of our partners are:

  • Department of Housing, Utilities and Amenities of Moscow City Government;
  • Department of Education of Moscow City Government;
  • Department of Healthcare of Moscow City Government; 
  • Prefect’s offices of administrative divisions;

Department of Education, Department of Healthcare, Department of Housing, Utilities and Amenities, Prefect’s offices of administrative divisions.



Construction of a new site requires solution of problems set, connected with its package content. ‘SANTECHKOMPLEKT’ supplies with all possible equipment variety for heating, water supply, drainage systems in multistory building, constructing under typical plan and individual projects. Including but not limited we have a great experience in package content of dwelling house, constructed according projects: P-44(MT); KOEP; P3M; Pd4; P-46m; P-55M; 111-355.

If you wish to avoid great number of odd agents, safe time and money we ‘ll become you reliable partner and grant a set discount.


‘SANTECHKOMPLECT’ suggests a wide range of items for updating of central and individual systems of heating supply: boiler installation and heating station, pumps, diaphragm pressure expansion vessels, equipment for heat measuring system and heating agent, heating agent index automatic regulation devices, shutoff and control valves, control and measuring devices.

Energy saving is one of key course of communal service reform. ‘SANTECHKOMPLECT’ takes active part in energy saving programs in concern of heating supply in Moscow and other regions of Russia. Within the project ‘Energy’ we cooperate for over 5 years with  the following organizations:

  • JSC ‘MOEK’;
  • Department of fuel and energy house in Moscow;
  • MOSGORTEPLO and its branches;

Project institutes, design and installation organizations and other institutes of fuel and energy house.


    ‘SANTECHKOMPLEKT’ offers a great choice of sanitary, heating, pump equipment and control devices for trade networks and separate shops.

    We give mutually benefit terms of cooperation bulk purchase goods made by well-known domestic and foreign producers, flexible discount systems, different ways of payment, including payment by installments.

    Our partners are largest hardware store and tool shops:

    • OBI
    • Castorama
    • Tvoy Dom
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